Why Do Asian Women Want to Marry Western Men?

lovely asian girl in floral dressOne popular request among American men is for an Asian bride. It is also true that Asian women express a preference for American men.  According to data from the Center for Immigration Studies there are over 90 International Marriage Brokerages that specialize in marriages between Asian Women and Foreign nationals.

The data states that of over 100,000 Asian Women for Marriage there is a range of 4,000 to 5,000 women who successfully marry.

Asian Women:

Among the Asian women who advertise a mate preference, they lean toward American men. Some of the reasons for this preference are:

  • A desire for a better life in America. Many of the advertisers seek to get away from a life of poverty.
  • Women who were interviewed stated that they found American men more attractive than their Asian counterparts.
  • Asian women stated that they felt that American men make better husbands who are more caring, faithful and kind than the men in their own countries.

American Men:

Sexy Asian Brides Looking For HusbandAmong American men who state a preference for an Asian wife they listed among their reasons:

  • More traditional values about marriage. American men feel that American women seek personal gratification and success outside of marriage and are less interested in providing good homemaking and a family.
  • Many of the Asian wives are as much as 15 to 20 years younger than their husbands in arranged marriages through brokerages. Many men are simply attracted to younger women who tend to be in better physical shape than American women.
  • Some American men expressed a preference for a subservient wife.

Accusations of Fraud:

Chain Migration is the movement of immigrants from one city or country to another city or country where the chain is started from one person or group who migrates first, and then sponsors those who follow afterward.

Chain migration is a valid and legal way to relocate, although some immigrants do start a chain with the intention by marrying a national of a given country, then using their newfound citizenship to sponsor others.

For example, some women seek marriage to an American in order to use her citizenship acquired by marriage to sponsor their family members who wish to acquire a Green Card. The marriage may thus be considered fraud under the Immigration Marriage Fraud Act of 1986, which if it this act is violated and if the person if convicted they can incur a fine of $200,000 and possibly 5 years imprisonment.

Another way to do chain migration is for an Asian woman divorce or husband then marries an American, and then once she gets her green card she divorces him and remarries her spouse back home.  This is another fraudulent way to come to America.

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The main problem with frauds like these is that they are hard to prove and even harder to prosecute so many people do it with open disregard to immigration laws.

Many Asian women who marry American men choose to do so because they honestly find American men to be desirable partners.  Love and marriage can be accomplished in an internationally arranged marriage business.

Author: Jude

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