Top 10 Reasons to Marry a Cambodian Woman

Cambodian women are some of the sweetest, cutest, and fun Asian women in the world. And, in many ways, Cambodia remains a serious hidden gem to foreigner men looking to marry.

Oddly enough, if you look around the internet for major, well-known dating sites or agencies you’ll find that many have skipped out on, or do not include many services at all of (real) Cambodian women to interact with. So, what does this mean for you? More options and opportunity!

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Below you will learn that there are plenty of other great ways and reasons to meet a Cambodian woman, and make her your wife. So, check out our Top 10 Reasons to Marry a Cambodian Woman list and take the next step toward greater happiness, and success!

1. Cambodian Women Are Witty and Sincere

While it’s true there are other Asian women – namely Filipina – that might present themselves as witty, quirky, or cute, you can count on a Cambodian woman really being herself and these character traits coming naturally.

Cambodian women watch a lot of American movies, television shows, and music so they are familiar with, and actually speak English a lot better than most other Asian countries and women you’ve probably met before.

They are also extremely sincere, as they come from a traditional culture and were brought up to be honest, humble, and loving. So, you can count on your Cambodian date, girlfriend, or lover telling you how she really feels, and being pretty straight-forward and honest with you – which brings us to our next point.

2. A Culture and Tradition of Marriage

Foreign men love and have had great success in dating Cambodian women often for the simple fact that they come from a natural, genuine culture which glorifies traditional behavior, relationships, and marriage.

This means, once you find the Cambodian woman of your dreams, even if you two are just dating – especially if you already live together – more than likely she plans an indefinite future with you. In fact, you might even overhear or notice she references you to people as her ‘husband’. Rather, be flattered and find pleasure in this.

The truth is, this is a really big appeal for American and other foreign men that are looking for a true, lifetime partner. This type of personality is often difficult to find, or otherwise non-existent in most American and other western countries.

Basically, if you’re reading this, then chances are you’ll agree that any country which has a substantial western influence is typically going to “produce” women with a less than desirable mentality, attitude, or aspirations toward relationships and marriage.

3. Cambodian Women Love to Have Fun

Now this one, and we mean it in the best way possible, is always a huge plus, and means no matter how young or old you are, that you’ll always be entertained and enjoy the company of a Cambodian woman – as she’s bound to have lots of energy.

Cambodian women love, and know how to have a great time, with both loved ones and friends – and especially family.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy more out of life, see the world, and travel around throughout Cambodia, meeting new people, cultural influences, and sightseeing, then dating to marry a Cambodian woman is absolutely the way to go.

And, while they know how to have fun, Cambodian women still keep it classy, will never embarrass you, and never cheat on you – assuming you’ve chosen a true, honest, and “non-working” girl that will treat you this way.

Just remember, take your time, use your discretion, and recognize that you’re in a country with a major demand for foreigner (especially American) men – so you’re at an advantage. Which leads us to our next point.

4. Enjoy being a “rarity”

The truth is, American and other western or foreign men are seen and treated like gold in Cambodia. So, if you wish to not only be treated like a king but also in return treat the Asian woman and wife or your dreams like a queen, then you’ve come to the right place.

This also means that the pickings are endless for you, assuming you stay classy, respectful, and also have something to bring to the table.

In other words, assuming you are not a raging alcoholic or have a serious drug problem then chances are you’re already carrying major sex and most importantly relationship appeal.

Besides, it’s much better to attract women based on the appeal of your personality or what you have to offer emotionally and in the long-run, rather than just “sex appeal”

Just remember, Cambodia is in many ways a major ‘sex tourism’ country and hub. So, if you’re looking to visit, and meet the woman of your dreams then you’ll have to do your part to prove you are different – and demonstrate your intentions to the community accordingly.

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5. Cambodian Women Genuinely Want to Be Happy

How many women have you met or know, in your own country that genuinely want to be happy in life? By this, we mean as far as materialism goes, always “getting ahead”, competing with others, not focusing in religion or family as much as you might like, etc.

You see, Cambodian women are optimistic, have a very positive outlook on life, are loving, and very humble. And, considering their upbringing and lack of resources or many economic advantages that we might consider “normal”, they in return are much more grateful for the ‘simpler’ things in life.

So, if and when you were to get your Cambodian girlfriend or wife even a small gift, chances are she’ll express major gratitude to you, and in return ensure you likewise are very happy – which leads us to our next major point and benefit.

6.They Want YOU to Be Happy

Cambodian women are sincere and enjoy making their man and husband happy. What woman or women do you know that you can honestly say the same about?

The truth is, Cambodian women set the bar seriously high for other Asian countries, and, if it’s your first visit to Asia or experience dating a Cambodian woman, then you’re sure to find great happiness and pleasure.

Not only this, but you can count on your Cambodian wife to always strive for and want to make your parents or family happy – and one-day bringing happiness, content, and love to a family of your own.

Cambodian women are not afraid to express such ambitions or aspirations for creating a family, which leads us to our next point and is undoubtedly a big appeal, and advantage Cambodian women have over most.

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7. Very Honest and Caring

In comparison to most women, including those across Asia, you’ll find that Cambodian women are some of the most honest, trustworthy, and giving women on the plane.

They are also very caring, and love not only taking care of you and your family, but also those that are less fortunate, or clearly could use the help and support – from children to the elderly, and even animals.

So, you see, you can date and marry a Cambodian woman with great confidence and pleasure – as many happily married foreigners have to date.

8. Cambodian Women are Easy to Date

If and when you visit Cambodia or meet a Cambodian woman online, it won’t be long before you realize it’s not only considerably easier to date them than what you’re likely used to, but that they also often take much more initiative.

So, while this doesn’t necessarily mean letting her ask you out for drinks or pay for dinner, it does mean that you can expect and enjoy her taking pride and confidence not only in her personality, but also what she wants out of life – including the kind of man she wants.

9. Hard Working and Resilient

Cambodian women are extremely hard-working and are often raised around hard labor. So, while it’s true most are not necessarily expected to do major lifting or pulling, they do frequently know how to plant, farm, and of course take care of both their home and families – which is a huge plus for any foreigner seriously looking to settle down and marry.

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10. Cute Small and Cuddly

Cambodian women want to be loved, and they are also typically quite small – at least in comparison to women you’ve likely dated before. Because of this – as they know they’re small when they stand next to you – they want to feel protected.

So, you can find pleasure in knowing that whether girlfriend or wife, your Cambodian lover will always be very physical with you, affectionate, and enjoy positive attention, happiness, and lots of smiles.

That’s right, no matter how impoverished, or the political hardships and problems Cambodia might experience, both the ratio and overall favor remains on your side.

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So, just remember, before going to Cambodia make sure you pack and prepare to carry yourself with respect and dignity. Also, that you know what you want, and that you do the necessary research on the types of places you might want to visit, live, or even retire in Cambodia beforehand.

And, don’t forget, the ways that you act, and the types of people you surround yourself with are bound to reflect the type of man you are – and more than likely the type of women you attract.

Author: Jude

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