So You Want to Marry an African Woman?

Men choosing and aspiring to find their soul mate in an African Woman are becoming more common in today’s modern world. Men choose and pursue African women for different reasons, but many are the same common principles, or at least should be—considering the incredible benefits of marrying an African Woman!

Your Wife, Your Love, To The End


African women carry great appeal to foreigners alike as they are well known to make some of the best wives and mothers in creating and maintaining a successful, safe, and happy family.

African women, ranging from North to South Africa, all the way to the Swahilis of East Africa, are all raised with similar cultural values. Starting as a child, African women are brought up very closely with their mother, father, and siblings.

They are taught the fundamentals of not only coping with financial or physical hardship, but more importantly how to adequately live ‘off of less’ and to actually stray away from materialism—which will connect to the next section on religion and faith.

When you marry an African woman, you can be rest assured she will always be by your side and remain committed to you and only you. African women strongly believe in loyalty, as well as pleasing and keeping their husband safe and successful.

African women are strong, as well as independent, and because of this have increased energy in comparison to other cultures of women when it comes to motivating and supporting their spouse.

From mastering various forms of cooking, to maintaining the house, to raising their siblings, all the way to etiquette, African women are very well versed in these dynamics and because of such make very desirable wives.

Faith Based Pride

Nearly any native African woman you meet regardless of the part of Africa (as huge as it is) she is from, will be religious. They have, and are brought up on a very strong faith-based life in Christ—and likewise intend to continue applying these values and integrating them into their future marriage, husband, and family.

Having this Christian outlook and faith throughout life means that your African woman will pursue life and the world differently, always aiming to serve Christ, and in turn this also means serving you (her husband) and her family in every single way possible. African women aim to please their husband and family, and will never let you down. 

Passionate, Physical, Genuine

African women by culture and nature are very passionate individuals. They openly express themselves both verbally and physically. This prideful, independent and confident-like personality trait is especially valuable to any man or prospective husband, especially one coming from a ‘foreign’ culture.

Believe it or not, just because you’re a different nationality doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re coming from a different culture than your soon-to-be African wife.

Many people, especially ‘foreigners’ find themselves in a place or situation in which they don’t feel like the prospective women around them suit their expectations, beliefs, or desires for a future wife and family.

African women are extremely genuine, with big hearts, and are charitable to the point that it hurts. Coming from many impoverished parts of Africa, they are raised survivors. However, they also strongly believe in and take pride in their country, as well as their people.

Because of this, it’s likely you will experience and observe instances in which your African bride wishes to contribute to the general welfare and health of not only her family of course, but also those in which she was brought up around—or perhaps even her old school in her home town or village.


Diversity of Origin

Undoubtedly an African woman is an African woman, regardless of which part of Africa she was raised or born in.

However, given the large geographic space and various states, towns, and villages of Africa it’s likely that your African wife will be especially unique to the specific cultural learnings and habits of her native home.

This by no means should be viewed as a negative factor, since it adds a sort of spice’ to her tendencies in cooking for example, or her dialect and specific language she speaks from her native home.

It also increases the likelihood that every African woman will be uniquely different, coming from different upbringings, educational, and work environments.

Hardly Jealous, Always Giving

While it’s irresponsible and unfair to attempt to stereotype an entire country or gender of people, it’s worth stating that African women are recognizably known to not be as jealous, if at all, of their husbands in comparison to other cultures or countries and their women.

In fact, African women take great pride, as well as trust in their husband and this is a big determining factor before marrying your bride, as both herself and her family will thoroughly examine and attempt to “bond” with you to learn more about the kind of person you are, what your personality is, what you’re capable of, and what your purpose or aspirations in life are—especially regarding faith in many instances.


Should you decide to pursue an African wife, ensure you do your due diligence in researching the place you’re going to before you go, ensure you’re making physical contact and correspondences with a real woman, and avoid scams and traps at all costs—the VALUE of reading services/site reviews!

African women are predominantly known for their great ability to be wonderful mothers, as they’re very nurturing and compassionate towards their children, as well as husband when necessary. They are known to be extremely ‘energetic’ and open with their husband as well—if you catch our drift.

Make a decision that’s best for you and your future, decide on the woman that you like, and most of all take your time! There should be no rush to getting married, as it’s a huge commitment, but given the size and large population of Africa, there’s surely a perfect fit for you—just waiting to meet you!

Author: Jude

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