Simple Tips On Dating Armenian Girls

cute armenian girlUnlike many young females, Armenian girls frequently stay out late on a Thursday night. That surprising fact would certainly be true of any such females that reside in Los Angeles County. Because there are so many Muslim Iranians living in that County, a large number of weddings take place on Thursday night.

In other words, Armenian dating does not always force a young man to dig deep into his wallet. He may have to help supply a wedding gift, but he does not always have to pay for the evening meal. In addition, he and his date can dance to the great wedding music.

A man with Armenian ancestry could even find a possible date by attending a wedding. He would not have to go as a guest. If he had a video camera, he might bet asked to tape parts of that special event. That would give him plenty of reason for striking up a conversation with some of the female guests.

That is the sort of trick that has been tried by male residents of Glendale, CA. That community has a large Armenian population. Churches in that community and in the surrounding area often hold special observances. The festive air at such an observance makes it a good place to take a date.

There a couple might spend time viewing a colorful parade. When the parade is over, then the young man and his date could visit the many different booths. Some of them contain a merchant that hopes to sell jewelry; others contain scarves or other accessories. Many sell some type of food.

A young man should not expect to learn about such a festive occasion during Lent. In fact, during that season, he may have to use special care, when planning the site for an evening out. Some Armenian women make a point of giving up something during Lent. That something could well be some type of food.

If Lent falls during early March, as is often the case, then a smart Glendale fellow seeks out information about a Baha’i gathering. Many of the Baha’is in L.A. speak Persian, a language familiar to many Armenians. Moreover, during early March, the Baha’i calendar calls for a period of fasting, between sunrise and sunset. Thus, there would be no food available at a daytime activity, one sponsored by followers of the Baha’i Faith.

Suppose that a young man who grew up in America has met up with a young girl who copies many of the habits of traditional Armenians. He must develop a strategy that helps him to develop a relationship with that woman. He might invite her to show his mother or sister how to make some Armenian/Persian food.

That strategy would work, even during Lent. She could make a dish that used only the foods she felt ready to eat. For example, if she had chosen to do without meat until Easter, then she could make something such as ashe reshteh. After Easter, the two of them would probably have the mother’s or sister’s support, as their schedules began to call for more exciting dates.

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