Dating And Marrying Brazilian Girl

When it comes to dating a Brazilian girl, a good friend once told me, dating a Brazilian woman is a life commitment. Once you get into it, the experience is going to be wild right from the start to the moment the two of you either decide to settle down or end things altogether.

In a lot of Latin America, whoever has the heaviest pockets has the loudest voice with the women. It ultimately can’t be dismissed because no country is without its fair share of gold digging women. However, people who come from Western countries with the expectation of women falling into their laps are often in for a rude shock.

Brazil is a country with some of the strangest dynamics in the world. It’s full of women who live at every imaginable end of the spectrum, so keep that in mind while you go through this. Having spent most of my time in Rio, the insight in this article will be with that in mind.

Establishing the spectrum

First things first, there’s an unwritten rule in the country regarding the different categories women fall in. The first group of women only date Brazilian men, while the other is actively seeking out foreigners.

Generally, women who have only been isolated to Brazil their whole life are least likely to be open to dating a foreigner. These kinds of women do not speak English, have never traveled abroad and hold negative opinions of anyone who isn’t Brazilian. You want to avoid that kind of woman.

beautiful brazilian girl

On the other hand, there are a fair number of beautiful Brazilian babes who seek out western men, sometimes to the exclusion of all others. They are often looking for a more stable life, with financial security and emotional stability as their focus. While some may look for fun, most of these Brazilian women want to marry a westerner.


The language

One aspect of dating women from Brazil that make a lot of guys miss the mark is the fact that they aren’t willing to learn Portuguese. Most of Brazil doesn’t speak English. If you’re going to go to a club and meet women, you need some level of familiarity with the language they have been speaking pretty much their whole lives.

As compared to languages spoken in Asia, like Mandarin, Portuguese should be a lot easier to catch on. It will take a bit of time, but the result is definitely worth it.

Meeting Brazilian women

With my efforts particularly focused on Rio, I found there are primarily three different ways to meet women in the city, depending on the kind of women you’re out to meet.

The first and most obvious is clubs. Brazil has an incredible night life. You can literally get drunk in fifty different clubs in the same neighborhood in a single night. What sets different places apart is the amount of cash they charge as an entrance fee. Anything over $50 is considered high class and will be full of women that are after the thrill of hanging out with someone with loaded pockets than anything.

Those men looking for Brazilian ladies have to actually go where they are. This could be to a beach or some local dancing clubs. It would be better for a non Brazilian to join some Brazilian culture groups and be identified with them.  By this, you could land your girl in one of those settings and start up dating a Brazilian woman.

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Cheaper places are slightly less appealing, but tend to attract more down-to-earth people. A good example of this is Botafogo, where street parties are rife and the girls are some of the most fun people to be around.

On the other hand, if you’d rather not go out at night, apps like Tinder are a lot more effective than people give them credit for. In fact, most times, women you match are more likely to be able to speak English than those you meet in the club.

These previous options are more suited for people looking for a one night stand and then call it quits. There are a few sites (such as the aforementioned that are more focused on the serious side of things.

Dating a Brazilian woman

Brazil isn’t a very traditional country. For which reason, there isn’t a lot to worry about regarding traditional gender roles and what women generally expect from men. However, there are a few things you could do to better your chances of standing out to your mate. Just being from the West won’t cut it.

First, make sure you can engage her. A Brazilian woman won’t make the first move, so it’s up to you to make sure you can keep her interested all through. Your best bet with this is to be a great conversationalist.

That done, you need to exude a certain air of confidence. Women from Brazil like choleric men – men who look like they can take charge. This can be best achieved by guys who like to hit the gym. But being fit doesn’t nearly cover everything.

You need to dress like a million bucks. Set yourself apart from the deluge of foreigners dressed in cargo pants and vests. Brazilian women really care a lot about how whoever they are dating looks.

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Taking it a step further – marrying the right Brazilian women

A lot of men go Brazil looking for a woman because of sex. After visiting the carnival once and seeing all the different beautiful women that hang out at the beaches, their blood gets boiling and they want one.

That’s where people go wrong almost right off the bat. On one hand, sure, Brazil is pretty infamous for being one of the most ‘sexentric’ places in the world, but if you’re looking for someone to have sex with, she’s likely not someone that’s ready to get married.

Just like every country in the world, there are going to be women who are after your money, you just need to look in the right places if you want to find the right partner. I’ve met lots of guys who are happily married to Brazilian women, but I also know a fair share that will swear on their graves that Brazilian women are the worst. The solution: if you’re looking for something serious, stick to it, don’t go looking for a woman because of some sort of their supposed sexual expertise.

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Lastly, once you’ve committed to her, be ready to reach the final milestone – meeting her parents. This is the ultimate sign that things have gotten very serious. They do have a say in whether you two will get married or not, but not by so much. Don’t pressure yourself.

Author: Jude

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