Challenges of an International Marriage

international marriageMany people are raised with strong beliefs and traditions, and learning how to share and adapt them in a new culture can be challenging.

Russian brides may be deeply rooted in their religion and traditions and will want to carry on that practice into their new life.

While they’ve probably already talked about their cultural difference while dating online, both partners should figure out how they’ll want to blend their backgrounds once they unify their life together. A gentleman can help make a smoother transition for his new bride by finding Russian and Ukrainian community centers and churches in his hometown.

The online courting process starts with communicating through emails and instant messaging. This couldn’t be done without the assistance from the skillful translators. Their role becomes even more important when a man travels to meet his match in person.

However, once the couple is ready to marry and live together in his country, being able to communicate on their own will be their biggest challenge. This is why both bride and groom should begin learning each other’s language ahead of time, to help make this transition much smoother. Many couples will make a game out of it and have fun teaching and learning together.

Finances in a Russian woman’s life will be drastically different when she moves abroad. If she’s fortunate enough to have a career in Russia or Ukraine, her income is often quite meager compared to other countries.

While her pay is probably enough to sustain her lifestyle, the various expenses she may incur in her new life will be quite a change. She may not be familiar with mortgages, car payments, or credit cards, so her new husband will have to help explain budgeting and managing monthly bills.

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While online dating is slowly becoming more accepted in many societies, international dating is still seen as strange or taboo. Many couples are faced with the challenge of being not being accepted by friends and family for finding their other halves this way.

Men especially are laughed or mocked for going online to purchase a “mail order bride”, since the Russian dating industry still holds those negative stereotypes.

If both partners can remain open-minded and confident, then their lifetime of happiness will warrant the bumpy path that gets them there. Family and friends should be introduced to a foreign mate early on in the relationship so they have time to understand it and hopefully accept it.

All types of relationships need plenty of patience, compromise, and dedication to make them work. However, international marriages need just a little bit more.

Could these additional challenges be too much for a multicultural couple to last? Statistics actually show that international unions tend to last longer than traditional marriages.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that both partners are so devoted and determined to find their perfect match in the beginning that once they do, making the marriage succeed in the end is the easy part.


Author: Jude

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