Can International Marriage Brokers be Trusted?

International Marriage Brokers (IMB) offer mail order brides to American men.  IMBs have incurred a reputation over the years that may or may not be warranted depending on a person’s perspective. The question remains though is whether international marriage brokers can be trusted by either party in the arrangement.

Due to a past history of abuse experienced by the brides, petitions have been created to request better regulation of the industry. Those who are not too keen with the regulations have blames feminists for interfering in the industry and costing the business more money to operate. The regulations are not difficult to follow and the costs are not prohibitive.

Regulations protect both business and individuals:

International Marriage Broker

The International Marriage Regulation Act (IMBRA 3402) was enacted in 2005 and signed by President Bush in 2006. This act is designed to protect mail order brides from potential predators or abusive spouses. The rules for compliance with the act include:

  • A search of the Sex Offenders Public Registry of potential male clients.
  • Collection of background information of potential clients.
  • Only Women over the age of 18 can be matched with potential mates.
  • The woman must be provided with the above information about her mate as well as a list of her rights that is written her a language she can read and understand.
  • Non-compliance results in a fine of $20,000 for each offense committed.

These regulations can help a company enjoy a better reputation due to the checks and balances. The companies who wish to express that they are trustworthy and in compliance with the law have affixed a seal to their site that state they are compliant with H.R. 3402.  Individuals who use an IMB that does not carry this seal may not be deprived of a Fiancé or Marriage Visa during the immigration interview process.

Be aware of non-compliance:

Some companies feel this law violates their First Amendment rights, but the benefits of the law help more than they hinder. H.R. 3402 does not say that one cannot say they are an IMB nor does it prevent the business from advertising or performing its intended purpose, so the claim of rights denial is not correct. The benefit of gaining a good business practice regarding background checks and a sort of safety net for the women is just plain good business.

Companies who cannot afford to comply with the regulation complain about their First Amendment rights and claim unfair hardship if they abide the regulations probably should not be in business. If they can’t do the right thing by complying, can they be trusted to do the right things when matching men with women? Can they be trusted to have everyone’s interests at heart?

American men who want to use an IMB should be aware of the regulations, the potential for unwittingly violating the law regarding internationally arranged marriage. They should do some careful research of Immigration Laws for marriage and citizenship for their future spouse. Look for the seal and ask about compliance to IMBRA 3402. Good marriages begin with good intentions.

Author: Jude

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